WordPress = More For You

Can 56,520,630 websites be wrong?

WordPress is an open source website platform that is constantly being extended and improved by hundreds of community volunteers every day. Even while you’re sleeping, some geek  is thinking up a new way for your WordPress website to be more secure, more functional and generally more cool than it was yesterday.

How does that mean  ‘more for you’ ?

Free Brilliance!
Wordpress developers are passionate about what they do and they know waaaaaay more about what’s happening online than we mere mortals.  That means you don’t have to invest a lot of money to get an excellent development platform that will evolve as quickly as the market does. Meanwhile you can sit back and relax and still feel proud of yourself for having such a clever website.

More Bang for Buck
With the truly geeky stuff taken care of we can spend much more time focusing on design. Design gives your client their first impression of you so you must get it right. Long before they’ve read a word of your sales copy,  a client has drawn a conclusion about your professionalism based upon your design. Design examples how much you’re prepared to invested in yourself. If you’re not prepared to invest in who you are, then why should anyone else?

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