Geeks with Heart

We live the change we want to see in the world

We’re a highly focused team that blends creative talent, technical prowess and sales and marketing sass with a general attitude of warmth and friendliness.

We like people and we like the world we live in and we really like helping people that are bringing ‘something’ to this world to do more of whatever that is.

Our values in business are based on principles of honesty, integrity and compassion and we tend to gravitate toward clients that are similarly aligned. That doesn’t mean we’re snobby about who we choose to work with, but it does mean we may refuse clients whose values aren’t congruent with our own.

But enough about us, we’d love to get to know you better and to see how we can work together to bring your unique vision to life.

Ahem… but now just a little bit more about us…

Our Team

Jeremy Gates

Position: Managing Director

Jeremy is a communications specialist and business strategist with a background in Visual Design and Journalism.

His balanced understanding of visual appeal and back-end competency ensures each and every client receives a solution that can easily grow to accommodate the success of an expanding business.

Jeremy brings drive and innovation to every stage of the ecoda development process from the very first lines of code to the final bon voyage as you set sail toward the digital horizon.

It’s the problems you’ll never have that make him the best.

Eugenie Hsieh

Position: Lead Developer

Following her graduation from a Bachelor of Multimedia Design Eugenie began a quest to master Zen-like lateral design. Somehow that resulted in her coming to work for us.

Eugenie is our coding, design and branding genius and pretty much the sweetest human being we know. If you’re lucky enough to interact with her you’ll soon learn why her nickname is Little Miss Sunshine.

Valerio Cassimatis

Position: Business Development & Commercialisation Specialist

Val completed his studies in Economics at QUT with a specialisation in electronic business. He was quick to recognise the potential of online and went about teaching himself how to code.

Val’s business background compliments his technical proficiency perfectly. He is an excellent resource to discuss online management systems and general business systemitisation.

Simone Bertschinger

Position: Lead Graphic Designer

Simone’s passion for design and photography has driven her to seek out mentors throughout Australia and the world. She has “fallen into” roles in California, Hawaii, Washington, Zurich, Toronto and Singapore.

Her eye for composition and her relentless attention to detail deliver visually stunning designs that capture attention and encourage deep engagement.

Lee Ginty

Position: Online Marketing Specialist

Lee has forgotten more about marketing than you’ll ever learn. He began as a contemporary to Richard Branson in the cut-throat world of LP records in the 1960’s and has never stopped learning since.

Lee’s knowledge of content marketing is enviable. Using his keen insight he has raised the profile of SME’s across Australia and the UK and continues to build brands toward meaningful interaction with their customers and potential customers.

Jaime Trujillo

Position: Lead Interaction Designer

Jaime is an exceptionally talented web and print designer but really comes into his brilliance when applying his thinking to user experience.

His savant-like understanding of the relationship between engagement, design, brand and the human mind is a powerful tool that can be honed to virtually any desired outcome.

Oh… and did we mention he’s a complete dreamboat?

Jabin Hutchinson

Position: Chief Technology Officer

In the world of coding, there is little that Jabin hasn’t studied, digested, quantified or at least read about. With over 10 years’ experience in software engineering and a background in interactive systems and online engagement, he can be relied upon to know more about the inner workings of the internet than the internet knows about itself.


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