Holding Pages

Holding pages are temporary business card style sites that allow clients to advertise their contact information prior to a full website launch. They can be used as a teaser, a lead generating landing page or simply as a means to enable immediate enquiries.

They are a good idea because they offer a temporary online presence while your website is being developed. This presents a higher level of professionalism and enables individuals that may have lost or misplaced your contact details to find you and get in touch.

We offer 3 levels of Holding Page:

Basic Holding Page
This is an online business card that is available 24 hours a day. It gives you the opportunity to present a simple elevator pitch or call to action. If your domain name is relevant to your product offering you may turn up in search results
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Dynamic Holding Page
This is an improvement on the Basic Holding Page because it has a higher level of presentation and allows content upon the page to be picked up by search engines. This offers a higher likelihood that people searching for your products or services will find you independently of your direct marketing efforts.
A dynamic holding page also allows dynamic links that can direct visitors to resources such as pdf documents.

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Lead Capture Holding Page
This is often called a Squeeze Page as the single goal is to capture a visitor’s contact email in order to build a marketing database.Generally the page is an announcement of a pre-launch special that is only available to people that pre-register. The more compelling the offer the more people that are likely to submit their details.
A Lead Capture Holding Page is an excellent supporting presence to a prelaunch social media campaign
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