Submission Instructions

PLEASE NOTE: Do not submit information for the Contact Us page via bulk upload. There is a questionairre about the contact page in the form.

01. Download this ZIP and decompress the folder.
02. Rename the ZIP to your website’s domain name.
03. Add content to the following folders:

Logos-and-Design: Place all graphic elements required to generate your website’s visual design. This may include logos, business cards and any images you frequently use in brochures or advertising.

If you have nominated a design with a banner and wish to provide specific images – please include them in this folder.

Pages: Enter all content for pages within folders bearing that page name. Rename folders as required. One folder per page.

Images must be numbered in order of appearance upon the page. Lower numbers will appear higher on the page.

Sidebars: All content for each sidebar area should be contained within the folder bearing that name. A visual guide has been provided for ease of reference.

04. Recompress the folder and upload using the field below. If you do not have all the assets you require, you can save and return to this form for up to 7 days.

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