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Hellooooo, Google is like really busy right now!!!

So you’ve got your ideas together and you’ve gotten yourself a website; Go you! That’s fantastic!

Errr, but do you really think Google gives a crap that you’ve started printing organic vegan gerbil resuscitation charts?!?!

Its kind of sweet that you think so, it almost makes this hard to say… oh god, I promised myself I wouldn’t cry but I have to say this… Nobody cares about you and your stupid idea!!!

In the time it’s taken for you to read this sentence Google has processed a gazillion search requests from a bazillion people all over the world.

Unless you are a completely undiscovered niche market like the aforementioned gerbil charts, you probably won’t get found.

But there is hope… some people call it Search Engine Optimisation we like to call it…

Eye of the Tiger

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Imagine having your best team member working for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Now imagine how profitable your business would be if that team member worked for free.

Now stop fantasizing about depriving that person of their liberty and start thinking about getting a website to do the same thing.

A good website can present a flawless pitch to anybody at any time. It can generate sales inquiries  from people like you; people that are looking for answers when its convenient to them.

This is no guarantee that that person will become a client – but it is one step closer than if that person never found you at all.

Cue plug for search engine optimised websites…

Its just a simple fact that if people can find you they can give you their money. Regardless of all the reasons you do what you do, more money makes it easier, so lets make it easy for people to make it easy for you.

The way we recommend doing this is by investing in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).  SEO is the quickest way to improve people’s chances of finding you.

Most traditional forms of marketing are expensive and hit or miss and offer little long term marketing benefit. By contrast investing in SEO offers a cheap, effective and highly targeted alternative. You are literally shaping the very fabric of your marketing so you are found by people looking for you!

Ok. Yes. Search Engine Optimised websites are a little bit more expensive than a regular ‘brochure’ style website and the more competitive your market the more expensive they become – but – the bang to buck is much higher than any other form of paid marketing.

Why? Because Google rules the world. Facebook rules the world. Twitter rules the world

The good news is that a majority of people do not invest in SEO and specifically the type of SEO that we specialise in – which, without tooting our own horn is the ONLY type of SEO that you  need.

After all, “Building a website without Search Engine Optimisation is like spending your entire budget on creating a commercial without buying any air time to show it to the world.”

If you’d like to know one of the simplest and most effective ways to convert visitors to clients click the link you just read past.

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