What would you expect to pay?

Ok. Halve that number and add 20%. If the answer is around these prices then well done!

If not… these are still the prices.

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White Label Geeks

$90.00p/h – per minute billing

Need a solution to a technical issue but can’t commit to a full time tech person? Need some jargon translated on your behalf? Maybe you just need someone to be on hand to answer all the things you’re far too beautiful to bother knowing.

Get your own Geek! These little guys are cute and easy to keep happy – just throw them at frustrating technical issues and they’ll play for hours… at fixing your stuff… because that’s the only game they play when they’re working.

The best thing is after the first half hour you’ll be billed in 1 minute increments only for the work that’s done!

Our Daily Geek (save 25%)

$540.00 – 8 Full hours

Get our geeks for a whole day and do whatever you want with them!

Get them to design, code, communicate or consult. The World Wide Web’s your oyster with one of these Geeky peeps around. Get them to write haiku’s about html for all we care! Nothing could be simpler than having a dedicated geek focussing all their attention on your needs! They’ll even wear a pocket protector if you want them too!

8 hours of pure prepaid hardcore geekiness with all the bells and whistles (no whips or chains).

Geek for a Week (save 40%)

$2160.00 – 40 Full hours

What’s better than a Geek for a day? You guessed it… marrying a geek and not having to pay for one….

Runner up?  Having a Geek for a week!

All the same good stuff made even better because it doesn’t cost as much, which makes it somehow better… even though it is essentially the same thing…

40 hours of world class Geekiness  $2160

Saving to your budget $1440

Being able to focus on what you do best and get some other person to do the stuff you don’t have time to learn how to do… PRICELESS!

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