One Health Organisation

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~ One Health Organisation

Project Snapshot

Client: One Health Organisation

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Website Type:  Business Essential, Enterprise Standard

Project Scope:  Social Media, Strategy, Web Development

One Health Organisation

Project Details

One Health Organisation is the only Not-for-profit Agency in Australia that specifically promotes a holistic approach to primary health care.

The Ecoda team has worked closely with One Health Organisation over the past 5 years supporting their technology requirements and their online strategic development.

We are currently continuing to support their development in close consultation with our sister business Streambiz and gifted designer Nicole Cox (who has done all the design and branding).

We strongly support the message and principles of OHO and are in the process of aligning our business model with their Social Enterprise Scheme.

We encourage you to spend some time on their site learning about the incredible work they do and to actively support them via exposure or donation.

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