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Simone Bertschinger

Aka ~ Little Miss Giggles

Position: Lead Graphic Designer

Simone’s passion for design and photography has driven her to seek out mentors throughout Australia and the world. She has “fallen into” roles in California, Hawaii, Washington, Zurich, Toronto and Singapore.

Naturally we had to have her.

Lucky for us our charms won through and we can offer her unique insight and brilliance to all our clients.

Likes: Yoga, Boxing, Interior Decorating, Furniture Restoration, Surfing and Photography (der)

Dislikes: The Twilight Saga

Favorite Movie: Inception

Star Sign: Gemini


Nitai Campbell

Aka ~ Mr Skinny

Position: Online Marketing Specialist

Nitai began his journey through the digital universe as a 3D animator with a Cert 3 in Commercial Arts but soon realised it took a REALLY long time to get ANY results… “like seriously, it takes a whole day just to move a finger”. He has since maintained his passion for all things graphic & digital and become an all-round development powerhouse.

For the past 12 months his strong interest in ‘becoming rich one day’ has focussed his attention upon e-commerce and online marketing. He intends to retire wealthy in about 4-5 years’ time.

If you’d like to know him before he was famous you can apply his extensive talents to commercialise your business online and basically blitz your competition.

Likes: Windsurfing, Computer Games, Cheesecake, Qi Gong

Dislikes: The Twilight Saga

Favorite Movie: Gladiator

Star Sign: Cancer


Valerio Cassimatis

Aka ~ Mr Bounce

Position: Business Development & Commercialisation Specialist

Val completed his studies in Economics at QUT with a specialisation in electronic business. He was quick to recognise the potential of online and went about teaching himself how to code. Sadly he chose to learn the most redundant coding framework ever invented… Joomla.

Luckily we found him before he’d walked too long upon the path of self-destruction and were able to guide him toward a platform that wouldn’t drive him insane.

Val’s business background compliments his technical proficiency perfectly. He is an excellent resource to discuss online management systems and general business systemitisation.

Likes: Soccer, Video games, Poker, Pavlova

Dislikes: Internet Explorer 6

Favorite Movie: The Emperor’s New Groove

Star Sign: Leo



Christopher Dingli

Aka ~ Mr Clever

Position: Production Manager

Chris graduated with a Bachelor of Multimedia Design from the prestigious University of Queensland School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering. He was chosen as a tutor for his final year because he is one of the most accessible geeks you’re likely to meet.

Chris brings drive and innovation to every stage of the ecoda development process from the very first lines of code to the final bon voyage as you set sail toward the digital horizon.

It’s the problem’s you’ll never have that make him the best.

Likes: BMW’s, Lasagne, Spotify and Lulz

Dislikes: The Twilight Saga

Favorite Movie: Up!

Star Sign: Sagittarius



Jeremy Gates

aka ~ Mr Perfect(ionist)

Position: General Manager

Jeremy is a communications specialist with a background in Visual Design and Journalism. His unique balance of creativity and logic provides the backbone to all our projects and informs many of the structures of our business.

He is a highly perceptive business strategist and analyst and loves nothing more than watching people and businesses be transformed by success.

A consultation with him is like being hit in the head with a gold brick. Your head will be filled with bright lights and valuable ideas.

Likes: Kung Fu, Chess, Laughing, Smiling, Ya Mum

Dislikes: Writing Bios

Favorite Movie: Fight Club

Star Sign: Aquarius




Eugenie Hsieh

Aka ~ Little Miss Sunshine

Position: Lead Developer

Following her graduation from a Bachelor of Multimedia Design Eugenie went upon a quest to master Zen-like lateral design… but instead, came to work for us.

Eugenie is our coding, design and branding genius and pretty much the sweetest human being on the planet. If you’re lucky enough to interact with her you’ll soon learn why her nickname is Little Miss Sunshine.

Position: Lead Developer

Likes: Badminton, Spicy Foods, Zen-like lateral design

Dislikes: Cockroaches

Favorite Movie: Totoro

Star Sign: Virgo

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