12 Step Sales Page

This sales page generation tool will enable you to create compelling copy that covers all 12 stages of engagement and conversion.

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  • 1. Get Attention

    The opening headline is the first thing your reader sees. It must get their attention. People have a short attention span & sort mail over the wastebasket.
    Headline must target their interest, or they'll throw your letter away.

    3 Proven headline templates:

    1. How To _________________
      People love to know how to do things. To get attention, combine “how to” with a powerful benefit.
    2. Secrets of _________ Revealed!
      People want insider secrets. We love to know things others aren't privy to. Knowledge is power. Those who have it feel powerful. It’s exciting to discover secrets.
    3. Warning! Don’t Even Think of _______ Until You _______
      This headline leverages fear of loss. Warning demands attention. Combine it with targeted interest.

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