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Ecoda is a dynamic team of online business development professionals that genuinely enjoy delivering projects that meet the brief, delight our clients and make us proud.

Yes, we are geeks, but we are the friendly type that honestly understands what it’s like to feel overwhelmed by the everyday needs of business in the modern age. To that end we never try to bamboozle clients with hipster tech jargon just to sound smarter than we are.

Our team values are honesty, integrity and compassion and we choose to conduct ourselves in business adhering to the simple wisdom of “treat people the way you want to be treated”

We seek win-win relationships with our clients that are built upon a foundation of trust, transparency and true satisfaction and always produce solutions with the long term in mind.

“The team at Ecoda are not only brilliant at what they do – they actually care about what they are doing.  They care about your business. They care about your success. They care for you. And those things made the difference for me – it could make the difference for you too.” ~ Clive Alcock ( view Clive’s projects)

We’d love you to experience the type of service that will inspire you to give us a testimonial like this, so please get in touch today

What We Do: Strategy, Systems & Support

What We Do

We segment our project delivery into 3 phases; Strategy, Systems and Support.

Strategy is the planning and business intelligence phase, it establishes the blueprint for the project
Systems is the tool development phase, it provides the structures that are informed by strategy
Support is the mastery phase, it provides the competency and confidence to use systems effectively and the security that comes with knowing we’ve always got your back

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